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UmbraCity Umbrella Share Partners with the Vancouver Convention Centre


Jamie Pitblado, Director, Business Development
UmbraCity Inc.

As part of UmbraCity’s expansion of its network of automated umbrella rental service in Downtown Vancouver, the service is now available in multiple locations in the Coal Harbour area, targeting office buildings, event venues, hotels, and tourist locations

In early 2018, UmbraCity started the quest in expansion of its service to cover Vancouverites on rainy days. As Vancouver’s weather could be unpredictable, UmbraCity aims to provide freedom for the community members to move around the city whenever and wherever without worrying about bringing an umbrella or getting drenched in the rain.

As of March 12, 2018, UmbraCity’s umbrella rental kiosks are being trialed at the Vancouver Convention Centre until the summer as an added amenity to its visitors and the community. As British Columbia’s flagship convention centre, the facility hosts more than 550 events and welcomes hundreds of thousands of attendees each year, while generating significant economic activity for the province. With this service, Convention Centre guests will be able to rent an umbrella for $3 for a 24-hour period using a convenient, self-serve kiosk located in both the Burrard and Thurlow entrances of the West building, as well as a kiosk located in the entrance of the East building.

“Since the inception of our umbrella share service, we have always considered the Vancouver Convention Centre as an ideal location given it is one of Vancouver’s most prestigious venues, and it hosts hundreds of thousands of unprepared event goers on rainy days. We are now ecstatic to partner with this iconic venue to trial our service that could further enhance the experience for guests,” says Amir Entezari, founder of UmbraCity Inc.

UmbraCity continues to grow this service in Downtown Vancouver, and invites commercial properties, offices, shopping malls, hotels, and retails in the area to join the network and make the community more livable and vibrant. As a partner of UmbraCity for Business, organizations can offer fully or partially subsidized annual UmbraCity memberships to employees, students or members as a convenient, affordable and green way to get around the city. For the current list of UmbraCity locations and partners, visit

About UmbraCity: UmbraCity is a new umbrella-share company that allows customers to borrow a high quality, wind-resistant umbrella when needed and return it at any of UmbraCity’s locations after use. It is an affordable and convenient service provided to increase sustainability and keep people sheltered from the rain as well as removing the burden of carrying an umbrella. The sharing economy offers a convenient amenity to properties without the cost and hassle of handling and tracking umbrellas, while helping the environment by reducing waste created from broken umbrellas and lost  umbrellas. UmbraCity is headquartered in Vancouver with plans to expand to other cities and countries in the near future.

For additional information, please contact Jamie Pitblado:

Marketing Specialist

About UmbraCity:

UmbraCity is an innovative and a fast-growing Vancouver startup that provides on-demand access to umbrellas in communities. We have created networks of fully automated umbrella rental kiosks that allow users to borrow umbrellas from a kiosk and return it to any other kiosk. This service has been in operations since 2015, and we are ready to take UmbraCity to the next level for its international growth.

About the Role:

UmbraCity is seeking a marketing specialist to join our team. We are looking for a talented candidate who is passionate about people and making communities more livable. The ideal candidate needs to have demonstrated experience in both digital and traditional marketing functions as well as effective communication skills, and willing to go the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service.

The marketing specialist will have responsibilities supporting a number of critical functions at UmbraCity, including managing marketing projects and engaging with partners and members. We are looking for a candidate with outstanding communications skills and extreme attention to detail, while focusing on the big picture objectives. This position reports to the Director of Business Development as well as the founder.

If you think you’re an ideal match, apply with your resume and a cover letter explaining why you want to work here and why you will be a great fit.


  • Create product / service awareness material and campaigns
  • Develop marketing strategy
  • Generate report for B2B customers
  • Design standard templates for all marketing and sales documentation
  • Represent UmbraCity at events, exhibitions, as well as being our brand ambassador with corporate members
  • Oversee media strategy, conversion tracking, budgets and optimization with a primarily focus on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other platforms

Desired Experiences:

  • Relevant college degree
  • 3+ years marketing experience
  • Experience with current and emerging social media platforms, as well as SEO, social media monitoring, and customer relationship management
  • Demonstrated writing and editing experience in online media
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, PowerPoint, Excel and WordPress
  • Ability to multi-task with a high attention to detail, work quickly under demanding deadlines, and balance concurrent projects

To apply, please send your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn to and use “Marketing Specialist” as the email subject.

Full-stack Software Developer

About the Company:

UmbraCity is an innovative and a fast-growing Vancouver startup that provides on-demand access to umbrellas in communities. We have created networks of fully automated umbrella rental kiosks that allow users to borrow umbrellas from a kiosk and return it to any other kiosk. This service has been in operations since 2015, and we are ready to take UmbraCity to the next level for its international growth.

About the Role:

UmbraCity is seeking a full stack developer to join our team.  We are looking for a candidate with strong skills in mobile application and back-end development to join our innovative development team. We need an expert who can own the software development and maintenance in the company and understands that the work is highly time-sensitive. A positive attitude and a great sense of humor will go far with our team. The potential candidate needs to be an efficient problem solver.

If you think you’re an ideal match, apply with your resume and a cover letter explaining why you want to work here and why you will be a great fit.


  • Create, maintain and optimize web and mobile (Android and iOS) applications for performance and  scalability
  • Translate product requirements to system level architecture and high-level design that can be reused across applications.
  • Design and implement web services APIs for mobile applications.
  • Database administration and management of a hosting environment
  • AWS management

Desired Experiences:

  • Architecture: 3+ years direct architecture experience, including a combination of system, data, integration, and application architecture.
  • Native App Development: 3+ years experience in designing and building native mobile applications on iOS and Android.
  • Web Services Development: Deep understanding of API design and REST principles, experience in building web services at scale, preferably for mobile devices, ideally RESTful.
  • Demonstrated experience and expertise in more than one Mobile applications (Android and iOS) and technology areas.
  • Strong command of back-end languages, technologies and protocols such as: PHP, Java (Spring), Node, RoR, SQL, MongoDB, HTTP, JSON, etc.
  • Experience with AWS.
  • Experience with Git.

How to Apply:

To apply, please send your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn to and use “Full Stack Developer” as the email subject.

Important: In your email body, rate your following skills out of 10:

  • PHP (indicate framework(s)): [1-10]
  • AWS management: [1-10]
  • Native App (Android): [1-10]
  • Native App (iOS): [1-10]
  • React Native App: [1-10]


UmbraCity Downtown Vancouver

UmbraCity Plans First Expansion After Proven Success at UBC


UmbraCity is bringing its umbrella share solution to your rainy days across downtown Vancouver, increasing vibrancy and walkability in the community.

Through a successful roll-out at the University of British Columbia (UBC), UmbraCity has proven the incredibly high demand and its innovative smart technology. After receiving immense positive feedback, UmbraCity has geared up with scalable technology for its first phase of expansion in Vancouver.

UmbraCity is excited to bring smiles on rainy days with thousands of umbrellas and over 20 strategically placed smart umbrella rental kiosks around Vancouver’s most populated locations such as corporate buildings, campuses, and shopping districts. It is currently inviting all businesses in Downtown Vancouver to join UmbraCity in this exciting journey. The addition of kiosks will ease the lives of many through the impeccable convenience it brings to the community, keeping people covered and happy on rainy days. This expansion to Downtown Vancouver will be first of many global expansions in the next few years as UmbraCity plans to provide the world with a simple solution to those inconvenient “rain worries”.

“Umbrellas are often forgotten, broken, or simply a hassle to drag along. Our goal is to ease your frustrations and provide you with a favorable solution on a rainy day. ” Amir Entezari says, founder of UmbraCity Inc. “Our smart and simple technology is going to spread vibrancy and positivity, inviting everyone to join us in the umbrella-sharing economy that is convenient and affordable.”

UmbraCity serves to benefit businesses by offering an attractive amenity and increasing mobility and walk-in traffic on rainy days. Establishments that place a kiosk at their location enable their community members to move around freely with UmbraCity’s reliable umbrella share service. Employees, customers, and the general public can reap the benefits of this low maintenance, convenient solution, whilst contributing to UmbraCity’s sustainability initiative in reducing umbrella waste (learn more).

Host a kiosk at your location and join our network. Drop us an email at

Media Information Contact:

UmbraCity Umbrella Recycling Program

Umbrella Recycling Program


Did you know that over 33,000 umbrella sales are made per year in North America alone? Vancouver, also known as Raincouver, is known to eat up our umbrellas with its’ strong winds and excessive rain. This often leaves people with a broken umbrella in hand with nowhere to recycle it. Imagine the number of umbrellas that have been broken and disposed onto the landfill!


At UmbraCity, one of our core values is sustainability; we aim to minimize this umbrella-caused landfill pollution through our sharing service. UmbraCity would like to thank you for joining us in our mission!


Though our umbrellas are sturdy and wind-proof, they may still break under extreme weather conditions. But fear not! We now offer an alternative, eco-friendly option to umbrella disposal. We are launching umbrella-only recycling bins conveniently located next to our kiosks where anyone and everyone at UBC can dispose their broken umbrellas at (not just UmbraCity’s). You can always pick up one of our umbrellas after recycling your broken one with us!


How are we recycling/upcycling these umbrellas?

Umbrellas are made of various parts including fibreglass, aluminium, fabric and more. We will collect and take the umbrellas apart, then recycle them separately at different facilities.


We have great pleasure of upcycling our umbrellas with non-profit organisations such as Common Thread. Common Thread is a social enterprise that creates jobs for people with barriers to employment. They recycle materials such as our umbrella parts, turning them into different reusable products! By recycling your umbrella, you are not only helping the environment, but are also creating jobs for people in need.


Our belief in corporate social responsibility drives our every action in adding value to the community and the environment. We are always on a lookout for organizations we can team up with to help our community! Please contact us at for any enquiries.

Let It Rain: Umbrella Share Comes to Vancouver, Canada


September 30, 2015


UBC Vancouver, BC


As the unpredictable rain season returns, two Vancouver entrepreneurs have provided a simple yet innovative solution. UmbraCity and the AMS – UBC Vancouver’s Student Society have partnered to bring an umbrella-sharing service to UBC Vancouver Campus. Launched this September, UmbraCity offers automated kiosks that allow users to borrow an umbrella free of charge and drop it off later at any one of the kiosks.


The initiative is not just designed to be a convenience; at the core, this project is about sustainability and encouraging sharing economy. UmbraCity reduces the amount of broken low-quality umbrellas headed for landfill and encourages community-minded actions.


‘The idea came to us on a rainy day when we were outside and we wished for an easy access to an umbrella. This is a common issue for Vancouverites.’ said Amir Entezari, co-founder of UmbraCity and an occasionally-rain-soaked UBC alumnus. ‘We thought some more about the idea, brainstormed with the experts, and validated the solution with real users at UBC campus. It just made sense!’


The UmbraCity umbrellas are lightweight, high quality and very resistant to strong winds. At the end of their lifecycle, the umbrellas are fully recyclable. ‘The bright yellow colour of our umbrellas increase pedestrian visibility on dark gloomy days and simply cheer up a grey rainy day.’ said Babak Asad, the other UmbraCity co-founder and also a UBC alumnus.


Four confirmed locations will be at the AMS Student Nest, the Buchanan Building A, the Fred Kaiser Building and the Forest Sciences Centre and a fifth location is pending finalization. Students, staff, faculty, residents, and visitors will be able to register at any kiosk and gain free access to an umbrella for 48 hours. After the initial 48 hours, if the user wishes to continue using the same umbrella, the registered card will be charged a small daily fee, up to the value of the umbrella. UmbraCity aims to analyse the results of this pilot program and expand its service across the Lower Mainland in the coming year.


For more information about our project, please visit





UmbraCity started in the summer of 2013 when a group of friends decided to solve the basic problem of staying dry in rainy Vancouver, Canada. Inspired by many sharing economy systems such as car-share or bike-share programs, the team invented and developed a fully automated rental kiosk that integrates current technologies in ties with the internet-of-things methodology. After many months of hard work and carrying out multiple field tests and focus group studies, the team is excited to launch this product and service for the first time at the University of British Columbia, in partnership with the UBC Alma Mater Society (AMS).


For more information, interviews, or inquiries please contact Amir Entezari, UmbraCity

+1 888 778 5446


UmbraCity at UBC

Hello UBC Vancouver!

umbraCity is excited to launch its first service at the University of British Columbia in September 2015. umbraCity is a free umbrella sharing service. Say goodbye to the days when you have to carry an umbrella all day for the slight chance of showers later on, or worse, when you are soaked wet outside without an umbrella! With umbraCity, you can have an umbrella whenever you want, wherever you want.

Please visit our website to find a kiosk near you at UBC.