UmbraCity Umbrella Share Partners with the Vancouver Convention Centre


Director, Business Development
UmbraCity Inc.

As part of UmbraCity’s expansion of its network of automated umbrella rental service in Downtown Vancouver, the service is now available in multiple locations in the Coal Harbour area, targeting office buildings, event venues, hotels, and tourist locations

In early 2018, UmbraCity started the quest in expansion of its service to cover Vancouverites on rainy days. As Vancouver’s weather could be unpredictable, UmbraCity aims to provide freedom for the community members to move around the city whenever and wherever without worrying about bringing an umbrella or getting drenched in the rain.

As of March 12, 2018, UmbraCity’s umbrella rental kiosks are being trialled at the Vancouver Convention Centre until the summer as an added amenity to its visitors and the community. As British Columbia’s flagship convention centre, the facility hosts more than 550 events and welcomes hundreds of thousands of attendees each year, while generating significant economic activity for the province. With this service, Convention Centre guests will be able to rent an umbrella for $3 for a 24-hour period using a convenient, self-serve kiosk located in both the Burrard and Thurlow entrances of the West building, as well as a kiosk located in the entrance of the East building.

“Since the inception of our umbrella share service, we have always considered the Vancouver Convention Centre as an ideal location given it is one of Vancouver’s most prestigious venues, and it hosts hundreds of thousands of unprepared event-goers on rainy days. We are now ecstatic to partner with this iconic venue to trial our service that could further enhance the experience for guests,” says Amir Entezari, founder of UmbraCity Inc.

UmbraCity continues to grow this service in Downtown Vancouver and invites commercial properties, offices, shopping malls, hotels, and retails in the area to join the network and make the community more livable and vibrant. As a partner of UmbraCity for Business, organizations can offer fully or partially subsidized annual UmbraCity memberships to employees, students or members as a convenient, affordable and green way to get around the city. For the current list of UmbraCity locations and partners, visit

About UmbraCity: UmbraCity is a new umbrella-share company that allows customers to borrow a high quality, wind-resistant umbrella when needed and return it at any of UmbraCity’s locations after use. It is an affordable and convenient service provided to increase sustainability and keep people sheltered from the rain as well as removing the burden of carrying an umbrella. The sharing economy offers a convenient amenity to properties without the cost and hassle of handling and tracking umbrellas while helping the environment by reducing waste created from broken umbrellas and lost umbrellas. UmbraCity is headquartered in Vancouver with plans to expand to other cities and countries in the near future.

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