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    An Umbrella Sharing Service

    UmbraCity allows users to borrow and return umbrellas using fully automated kiosks

    Find Umbrellas How it works


Access an umbrella when needed, and get rid of it when you don't



Affordable and flexible plans for your rainy days.



Participate in activities to make amazing useful items such as grocery bags from broken umbrellas.

Sharing Culture

Sharing Culture

Be a part of the fast growing sharing economy culture

How it works

Using fully automated kiosks

1. Become a member

1. Become a member

Signup for an UmbraCity account online or at any of the kiosks

2. Find a kiosk

2. Find a kiosk

View our current kiosk locations. umbraCity will be increasing the number of kiosks in key locations for your convenience.

3. Borrow an umbrella

3. Borrow an umbrella

Login with your phone and slide out an umbrella.

4. Return the umbrella

4. Return the umbrella

Simply place the umbrella in any kiosk without the need to interact with the kiosk software.

Kiosk Location Map

The University of British Columbia - Vancouver

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NEST: 49.265984, -123.249714
Buchanan A: 49.268456, -123.254778
Fred Kaiser Building: 49.262217, -123.250080
Forestry: 49.260516, -123.248792

Our Partners


The University of British Columbia - AMS

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