Your Shade Companion in Dubai

Discover the convenience of UmbraCity’s smart sun umbrella sharing service, designed for the vibrant life of Dubai. Whether you’re exploring the city, shopping, or on your way to work, our easily accessible and stylish umbrellas provide the perfect shade on those hot and sunny days

A Citywide Network
UmbraCity allows you to borrow and return umbrellas across our network of automated umbrella rental kiosks.

Citywide Umbrella Access

Borrow at any kiosk
Stay covered
Return at any kiosk



Borrow and return umbrellas across our entire network

Site Partners

Property Partners

Upgrade your community with a value added amenity



Advertise on a platform associated with value and care for customers

Modern Amenity for Your Property

Partner with UmbraCity: Enhance Your Property

Unlock New Opportunities for Your Property

Join the innovative network of property partners who are elevating the experience of their spaces with UmbraCity’s smart umbrella-sharing service. Whether it’s rain or shine, offer your visitors, customers, or tenants the ultimate convenience.

Umbrellas whenever and wherever you need them. We are building a network of automated umbrella rental kiosks at places you live, work and spend your time. Powered by smart technology.

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Elevate Your Brand with UmbraCity Sponsorship Opportunities

Innovative Brand Exposure in the Heart of the City

Discover a fresh avenue for your marketing efforts with UmbraCity’s umbrella-sharing service. Position your brand on our umbrellas and kiosks, ensuring visibility where it matters most - in the hands of your audience as they navigate the city.

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