Frequently Asked Questions


What is umbraCity?
UmbraCity is an umbrella sharing service. Say goodbye to the days when you have to carry an umbrella all day for the slight chance of showers later on, or worse, when you are soaked wet outside without an umbrella! With UmbraCity, you can have an umbrella whenever you want, wherever you want (well, almost wherever; we’re working on that!) See the How does it work section of our page to learn more.

How does it work?
UmbraCity has created fully automated umbrella rental kiosks that allow users to register, borrow, and return umbrellas within seconds. These kiosks are placed in key locations in the city, and we will continuously increase the number of kiosks to improve ease of access to umbrellas.

How do I sign up?
In order to register, you can go to any of the UmbraCity kiosks. All you need is a phone number and a valid credit card. You will be asked to enter your phone number, and swipe your credit card. Your PIN code will be sent to your phone. Your credit card will be pre-authorized only to confirm validity. Please see our term of use for information regarding user confidentiality and information security.

How much does it cost?
We have made umbrella rental affordable and convenient. Please visit a kiosk location for specific pricing details as depending on the service provider the price may vary.

What if I want to return an umbrella but the kiosk is full?
UmbraCity has on-location staff to balance the umbrellas load in kiosks, so as to avoid a situation in which there are no umbrellas to borrow, nor is there a vacant slot to return one. Also, there are multiple convenient locations where you can return an umbrella so you can find another kiosk near you. However, if you do not have access to another kiosk, you can call our customer service and we will happily extend your usage for 24 hours free of charge.

What if the building in which the kiosk is located is locked?
You can view the building access hours on our website. We have placed at least one kiosk that is accessible during extended hours in each neighbourhood. However, if no kiosk is accessible when you like to return an umbrella, you can call our customer service and we will be more than happy to extend your usage for 24 hours free of charge.

What if my umbrella breaks?
Our umbrellas are wind-proof and very durable. However, accidents happen! You can report your umbrella as broken and we will take it back free of charge. We recycle our broken umbrellas.

What if I lose my umbrella?
We encourage people in the community to return found UmbraCity umbrellas to our kiosks. If you lose an umbrella, you will be charged a daily late fee until the umbrella is found, or it reaches a maximum chargeable amount indicated on your plan upon registration.

What if I forget my pin code?
You can simply reset your PIN at any kiosk. Your new PIN code will be sent to your phone as an SMS.

How do I update my information?
If you like to update your email address, PIN code, or credit card information, you can contact our customer service and our representatives will be happy to process the updates.

How do I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership by calling our customer support. Please make sure you don’t have any UmbraCity umbrellas in your possession, and you have no outstanding balance on your account prior to cancellation.