Frequently Asked Questions


How do i sign up?
Register at an UmbraCity kiosk using your NOL card, phone number and a credit/debit card to receive a 4-digit PIN code.
How much does it cost?
Our umbrella rental service offers free registration and unlimited 24-hour rentals at no cost. If an umbrella is not returned within the 24-hour period, a fee of AED 10 per day will be charged. Please note, the maximum charge will not exceed AED 50.
What if I forgot my PIN code or didn’t receive it?
You can retrieve your PIN by downloadingour App. Simply click “Forgot PIN”, and you will need your registered phone number and the last four (4) digits of your registered credit card.
How can I update my account information?
You can update your account information or credit card information at any time by downloadingour App, available on the App Store and Google Play Store.
How can I find a kiosk close to my location?

Find a kiosk nearest to youonline or usingour App. We have placed at least one umbrella rental kiosk accessible during extended hours in each neighbourhood. However, if no kiosk is accessible when you would like to return an umbrella, you cancontact us, and we will be more than happy to extend your usage for 24 hours free of charge.

How can I change my plan?

You cansubmit a ticket or chat with us live on our website, and our representatives will be happy to process the updates. Remember to send your phone number and the new property promo code with your ticket

What if I lose my umbrella?

We encourage people in the community to return found UmbraCity umbrellas to our umbrella rental kiosks. If you lose an umbrella, you will be charged a daily late fee until the umbrella is found or it reaches a maximum chargeable amount indicated on your plan upon registration.